About Us

SchoolFunding.Info (formerly the National Education Access Network) provides comprehensive, up-to-date, nationwide information regarding efforts to promote equal educational opportunity, especially in regard to the financing of public education, and to promote meaningful educational opportunities for all children, especially children in poverty and children of color currently being denied this opportunity.

As part of the Center for Educational Equity (formerly Campaign for Educational Equity), based at Teachers College, Columbia University, SchoolFunding.Info is a prime source of information for scholars and media outlets seeking a national perspective on state-based school funding litigation, education-finance reform, and related issues. We also analyze important federal issues that bear on education finance and equal educational opportunity.

We publish a monthly electronic newsletter, and daily summaries of important developments as reflected in media outlets throughout the country. SchoolFunding.Info also acts as a consultant and resource for school-funding litigators, grassroots advocates, legislators, and other policymakers and encourages application of the best education research in reforming state education-finance systems across the country.

Views expressed by the Center for Educational Equity or its staff do not necessarily reflect the views of Teachers College.