Lawsuits challenging state methods of funding public schools have been brought in 45 of the 50 states. On our State-by-State page, we have brief summaries, by state, of the historical background and recent events in these litigations and related issues, such as costing-out studies. We provide links to court decisions, where available, and useful resources for a more in-depth understanding of developments in particular states.

Litigation News>>
In our News section, we have up-to-date news about school funding lawsuits in each state.

Historical Overview>>
Our litigation overview page provides historical information about school funding litigations, including litigations in federal court in the 1970's, and the "equity" and "adequacy" litigations in state courts that continue today. The page also features recent developments in school funding litigations across the country and useful resources for more information.

"Education Adequacy, Democracy, and the Courts">>
For a more complete history of state and federal education finance cases and the development of the concept of a constitutional right to an adequate education, see this article by Michael A. Rebell (PDF).

For easy reference, we also have one-page PDF tables of the status of school funding litigations by state:

Educational Inequity and Inadequacy>>
More than 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education, there remain enormous inequities and inadequacies in the resources and funding provided to America's schools.