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“Corridor of Shame” Reveals Conditions in South Carolina Schools

Inspired by the power of documentary film, Bud Ferillo, a communications expert and South Carolina native, recently released “Corridor of Shame,” a film that documents the impact of years of insufficient funding on South Carolina’s most impoverished schools. The film uses evidence presented at trial in South Carolina’s school funding adequacy lawsuit, Abbeville v. State, as a blueprint for its exploration of the conditions in eight of the plaintiff school districts.

Ferillo interviews superintendents, principals, teachers, and students, all of whom provide moving testimony of the challenges they face daily in the run down and under-resourced buildings where they work and attend classes. Funded by several South Carolina foundations and individuals, the film makes a powerful case for the schoolchildren of the Abbeville districts all along the I-95 corridor in South Carolina.

More information on the film, and a video introduction from Pat Conroy, can be found at www.corridorofshame.com.