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July 21, 2015

Mississippi Not Obligated To Fully Fund Education, Judge Rules

Mississippi legislators are not obligated to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) , a 1997 formula that determines funding levels for all school districts. […]
July 21, 2015

Kansas Judges Invalidate Reductions in State Funding

Late last month, a three-judge state court panel issued a temporary restraining order that struck down key provisions of the state’s new school funding formula , […]
July 21, 2015

Arizona Supreme Court Declines to Hear Charter School Parents’ Request for More Money

The Arizona Supreme Court has declined to review a lower court’s ruling that the statutory funding scheme for charter schools violates that state’s constitution.  The case, […]
July 21, 2015

Louisiana Judge Says State Owes School Districts $137 Million

District Judge Janice Clark held this week that Louisiana owes the state’s school districts $137 milliion because of a failure to fully fund the state’s minimum […]