Connecticut Graduation Rates Climbing as Malloy Rethinks School Funding

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April 11, 2017
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April 12, 2017
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Connecticut Graduation Rates Climbing as Malloy Rethinks School Funding

Connecticut graduation rates climbing as Malloy rethinks school funding

Malloy said the steady increase in statewide graduation rates since 2011 is a cause for celebration, but also should be an impetus to invest more in districts with larger high-needs populations and a heavier tax burden.

“We believe we should be investing more in the state’s education,” he said. “In a time of scarce resources, we must question if we are spending in the best way.”

Malloy acknowledged having some regrets as governor, chief among them not allocating all additional funds to Alliance Districts, the 30 lowest-performing districts in the state.

He said it’s an “insidious concept” in the state that districts should always receive from the state what they received the year before or more, even when the school-aged population or enrollment drops. He said he would prefer to spend dollars where they have “the most profound impact.”


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