Pennsylvania Supreme Court Hears Arguments in New Adequacy Case

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September 22, 2016
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October 24, 2016
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Hears Arguments in New Adequacy Case

Although the Pennsylvania courts have twice rejected  past attempts to establish an enforceable right to education in the commonwealth, last year a coalition of parents, school districts and the state NAACP brought a new suit that, arguing that their case should be distinguished from the prior efforts because the educational funding targets established by the legislature in recent years now provides the court with manageable standards to determine if the state had fulfilled its duty to provide students “a thorough and efficient” education.  The trial court judge dismissed the case, but the plaintiffs have pursued an appeal in the State Supreme Court (PA legal overview can be found here).

Oral argument before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court took place earlier this month. During the 90 minute hearing, the justices, three of whom were recently elected, asked tough questions of the lawyers on both sides. A decision is expected in three to six months.

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